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  • Installation on your hosting account, see details and recommanded hosts
  • WordPress maintenance = backup, security, updates, monitoring, cleaning, optimization
  • Customization design edits on selected theme
  • Data migration on server move and/or site domain change
  • Other data migration, import, restoration from your backups, your database
  • Multilanguage plugin setup (WPML or Multilingual Press) and anything related to non-English setup
  • Migration from/to Multisites <=> Standalone WordPress sites
  • Multisite Pro networks with domain mapping: host your own customers!
  • Setup of complex sites with:
    • BuddyPress community plugin
    • BBPress forum plugin setup
    • Custom content, post types and fields with ACF or Toolset
    • Membership site with Paidmembership Pro
    • e-commerce site with WooCommerce
  • Your own Shortlink service, à la “bit.ly”


  • Online private WordPress coaching
  • Live course, private or group, in an area of 100 km from Geneva, Switzerland

on demand, partnering with freelance Designers

  • WordPress custom theme


by our team

  • Translation English to French
  • French Editing and Proofreading Services

on demand, partnering with freelance translators

  • English<->German
  • French<->German
  • Swedish<->French<->English
  • French<->Spanish



All prices are mentioned in CHF (Swiss Francs), however we can bill you in your currency, rounded down.

Each plan has a star name, see the full story…

Plan NameDescriptionPeriod billedCHF/EUROUS$
SunContent, Translation (Content)Hour145167
SiriusMigration, Installation (Tool)Hour145167
Pollux1-on-1 call and any other non mentioned work.Hour145167
ArcturusLevel 1 on virtuaza.net plateform. DIY site.Year145167
AldebaranLevel 2 on virtuaza.net plateform. DIY site.Year295341
RigelLevel 3 on virtuaza.net plateform. DIY site.Year445513
AntaresSame as "Rigel" but on your host (you pay for your hosting). DIY site.1 time
+ Year
+ 445
+ 513
BetelgeuseSame as "Rigel" or "Antares" + "Sun/Sirius/Custom design" on quoteAs Rigel or Antares
+ 1 time / quote
As Rigel or Antares
+ 145/hour (quote)
As Rigel or Antares
+167/hour (quote)



Please contact us for a quote, give as much details as possible