WPMUDev testimonial : I just won a 1 year license

How Fantastic!

I just won a yearly membership to [afflink aff=”wpmudev”] submitting my video testimonial. That allows me to extend the charter period here too.

See on WPMUDev's blog, the contest entry post: Lifetime Membership Giveaway! Share Your WPMU DEV Video Testimonial to Win!
See post announcing the winners here : Announcing Our Video Testimonial Winners!

WPMUDev is a company that provides plugins (and themes) for WordPress, and support.

They asked to create a video under 30 seconds, saying what we like at WPMUDev. Here below is the video I submitted:


In the video, I say that I am grateful to WPMUDev for the internationalization of all their plugins, some of which are essential for my projects.

Indeed, I have often been surprised that not ALL (or at least all commercial/premium/non free) plugins are internationalized in the WordPress world, so yes, at WPMUDev everything is internationalized (translatable) and some plugins are localized (translated) to some languages. And members can submit translations.

For more info about internationalization and localization, see WordPress documentation http://codex.wordpress.org/I18n_for_WordPress_Developers which says :
Internationalization is the process of developing your plugin so it can easily be translated into other languages. Localization describes the subsequent process of translating an internationalized plugin“.

WPMUDev plugins also work easily with [afflink aff=”wpml”], which is the famous multilingual plugin.

And when I say that some of their plugins are essential to my projects, I'm mostly talking about Pro Sites, which is how I offer service of hosted sites at Virtuaza.net (for now in charter period, please contact if you need a hasslefree hosted site). I also use on some of my projects and/or client sites (in no specific order) the following plugins : Membership, Domain Mapping and Multi-Domain for multisites, Chat, Fundraising, Affiliate, Events+, Anti-Splog, New Blog Template, Multisite Content Copier, etc.

I must say I don't use WPMUDev themes, so I don't really know, but about their plugins, I'm satisfied.

About the video, I wanted to emphasize on the “international” side. I'm a French speaker, I live in Versoix near Geneva in Switzerland (you can see our nice marina on Lake Geneva, with the hills in the background, and if the weather had been clearer, you could have seen the Mont-Blanc in the French Alps, 80km from here, in the background). I wear the WordCamp Europe 2013 T-shirt (WordCamp = WordPress conference) and …

… and … you can hear my French accent 🙂 Some time ago, I was thinking that it would be a drawback in the online-business-world to speak a *non-perfect English*, but then I realized this is also a plus for everyone who need solution to have their site in another language, or multilingual. Because yes! I do face some challenges, yes I overcame them, yes everything is everywhere in English, and yes I found the correct solutions, and can help people facing the same challenges. It is a must for me to find correct tools for my users and customers to be able to have their account or their website in their language, and WordPress is great for that, and the plugins I use must comply to that rule, and all WPMUDev's do. All are translatable, but not all translated (for now), that's the reason why the Virtuaza's charter period is extended. Furthermore, you can get 50% discount on your next bill at Virtuaza by helping translating plugins and themes used at our service. Please contact for more info.

On internet and about WordPress, blogging, marketing, courses, most of the documentation and support is in English, everywhere. So ok I do speak and understand English so it is alright for me, but a lot of people do NOT speak English, or their site visitors don't, so my next project, BlogInteraction, is to bring some more multicultural point of views, share of ideas, discussions, cultural emphasized on marketing, podcasting, videocasting etc… And BlogInteraction will be built with WordPress, and will use some of the WPMUDev plugins as well, and the site will be in several languages.

So yes, thank you WPMUDev to ease all the process.

Someone in the post announcing the winners said he would not trust the testimonial precisely because the prize was a yearly or lifetime membership. But as I answered him (there) “Why would I bother to try to win a yearly membership to something I’m not interested in? In my video I say about WPMUDev plugins “some of which are essential for my projects”, and indeed, some are and I could not do without them!  My testimonial is honest. Of course the prize is what made me spend some hours on video shooting/editing, but even without this, I would be a member who renew membership.”

Now the person said “How does that allow for honest testimonials where people raise both good and bad sides?” and you know what? He's right!  I didn't say in my video what I do NOT like at WPMUDev, because the video was about how WPMUDev serves me, but to be totally honest, I'll write now here what I do not like: it's the squabble with Matt Mullenweg and Auttomatic. Matt-fan talking here! My heart does not want nor need to choose 😉

So guys, if you run a similar business than I do, and want to be sure you'll always be able to translate your functionalities to another language, WPMUDev might be great for you too!

It was a pleasure to share the little story around that video 🙂 See you soon!

PS: This video is in PatriciaBT channel as I feel it's rather a “personal submission”, and want to keep Virtuaza and BlogInteraction channels for the upcoming Google live hangouts, as well as tutorials and more useful videos that I'm going to publish soon.

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