Whether you have a message to share to the world, a service or product to offer or a creative work to showcase, we want our service to help you to reach the stars.

Our service names where chosen by myself (Patricia) years ago. I have been inspired by star names, when I saw a video posted on Youtube by Morn1415. The video below is from 2016, but the first edition was posted on Youtube on Feb 8, 2009 and inspired many people. The music is Alpha, by Vangelis.

It shows the different stars size and the vast universe. UY Scuti being the biggest known star with a diameter of 2'500'000'000 km.

I wanted to have the Sun as our entry plan, and mention Arcturus for personal and musical reasons.

I also like so much to see the Orion constellation at night, for many symbolic reasons, with all the stars in (Betelgeuse, Rigel) and around it (Aldebaran, Sirius).

Screen capture from Sky Map Google app

As being born in the 70ies, I also have fond memories of the first manga cartoon I got to see: Grendizer (Goldorak in French) so I added Vega and Procyon names to our trainings.

Furthermore, now that we work mostly with the WordPress Astra theme, it suits very well. Astra, from Latin astrum (“star”).

I want you and us to create a special relationship made of trust and mutual understanding, because it's the only way to work in my opinion. I want to serve people aligning with my values, read more about my values on my personal site.

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