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Some links are affiliate links on this page and on the site, they are generally marked with a currency symbol as an exponent, like this -> ¤

Disclaimer : products or services I use (or used in the past, or people I trust use) and that I link to because I like. If they have an affiliate program, I'll get a commission if you buy after following the link, your price will stay the same. Note that I will not link to products I don't like or know. Not all links on this site are affiliate links, even among those with Pretty Links, which is sometimes used only to statistic reasons.

If for any reason you do not want me to earn a commission, please type the resource name in a search engine to find the corresponding website without clicking on my link.


Here is the list of the resources I use on this site.

This site is hosted on  on which almost all my sites are. For this site, I use WordPress, on a multisite installation, for and sister sites.

Photos credits

Photos of the team have been taken by Jézabel Rupil Zinder in Versoix.


On top of WordPress, I use the Astra ¤ theme. For customer work, or sister sites, I sometimes use these themes:


Here is the list of WordPress plugins used on this website :

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In order to be up-to-date with the latest improvements and possibilities of WordPress and marketing, I follow different courses, some will be listed soon here.

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