hosted WordPress sites

Do you want a hasslefree WordPress site?

Where you do not need to take care of maintenance, updates and security?

On multisite platform, you can have just that! And your site is yours, you are the owner of your data!

We offer you a selection of plugins and themes, including premium and famous ones! See the full list at the end of the page.

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Registrations are manual and tailored for our customers, so please send us your site request with as much details as possible the contact form  and we will contact you! (you can still decide to cancel after our reply).

Here is a price list, can be adapted depending on your needs. When “on .net” is mentioned, your site will be on our plateform. When it's not mentioned, it's a work for your site elsewhere, either self-hosted or on another plateform (, Rainmaker, WPEngine, etc…)


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